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concealed carry 1Concealed Carry Methods

So, just how do you hide your weapon?

Keep planned: Allowing your weapon to be observed is called “brandishing”, and according to your area, is most likely prohibited. When you carry a new concealed weapon, you have to make guaranteed you take all safety measures to be able to easily conceal your weapon without having risking it being seen.

There are various means to carry a hid weapon. Exactly how you hide your weapon is your responsibility and will be based on several elements, such as clothing, environment, work circumstance, simplicity of gain access to, etc.

Conventional Belt Holster

Conventional Belt Holsters are amongst the most extensively advised approaches of concealing your weapon.

Inside-the-pants holsters, outside holsters, shoulder holsters and small on the back holsters are all advised at different times.




Easily concealed under a jacket or loose section of clothing

Ideal for a rapid draw


Can not normally double with a t-shirt or other tight fitting clothing given it will more easily print

Easily exposed if coat or loose part of clothes removed

Can be unpleasant when sitting

Fanny Pack

There are big and small fanny packs especially created to hold a concealed firearm. It is usual for concealed carry fanny packs in the future with numerous areas for more magazines, flashlights, etc


Won’t interfere in everyday tasks

Completely independent of clothes (you don’t have to use a coat or loose part of clothing to conceal it)

Simple to utilize and remember, as it truly is connected to your person

Merge with others who hold fanny provides for individual use


Won’t go with formal dress (suit, dress, etc. )

People carrying obscured weapons, well-informed civilians, or police officers could realize your concealed carry fanny pack for just what it is

Day Pack/Back Pack

If you prefer to carry and conceal a greater firearm, or simply want the extra storage space, a day pack or back pack is an additional option to hold your concealed weapon.


Extra space for storage

Easy to hold

Very discreet


Poor access

Must wax off to sit down or accomplish some tasks

Purse and Make Bag/Briefcase

concealed carry 2Women can easily carry concealed weapons inside their purses, and everybody can easily conceal a weapon in the shoulder bag or briefcase. Specific concealed carry models are around every corner.


Can be worn along with formal dress (suit, dress, etc. )


Extra storage


Target for thieves (purses especially)

Might be put down and forgotten

” leg ” Holster (Women)

When using some sort of dress or skirt, ladies may decide on a thigh holster.


Very subtle

Can be worn with official dress


Must be mindful of the height of your hem when sitting down so no ride up

Take care when sitting to help keep legs firmly together

Ankle Holster

With regard to little concealed carry weapons, an ankle holster can potentially be worn, particularly with shoes.


Very discreet with footwear or loose pants

Light and taken care of


Awkward access

Can not use with tight pants or even short pants

Photographer’s Vest

A really functional piece with lots of safe-keeping, a photographer’s vest can easily supply for concealed carry.


Substantial, secure pockets

Lots of storage space



Does not choose formal dress (suit, dress, and so on. )

People carrying concealed guns, well-informed civilians, or policeman could recognize the concealed carry photographer’s vest just for what it is

Holster Tank top

Holster your compact handgun with your shirt with a holster tee shirt.



Easy to don

Very discreet


Poor availability (need to unbutton or even open your top/outer shirt to access your firearm)


If the firearm is little enough, you could most likely fit it inside of the pocket. It is much better to fit inside of a coat pocket, but you might additionally be able to use a cargo pant pocket or something comparable.


Easily available

Can be discreet


In case you are making use of a coating pocket, you might leave your coat behind

Can just fit rather compact weapons within an ordinary pocket

May be unbalanced if you don’t carry extra magazines in a different pocket


concealed carry 3There are a great many other means to conceal your artillery, but you should keep as the primary goal that the first goal is usually to keep your weapon out of sight and hidden. Below are usually some unusual concealed carry choices, mainly for very little weapons.

Change purse

Specialty accessories (belt buckles, pocketbooks, holster grips)

Belt body

Hollowed out book

Paper handbag

Cigarette case

Camera case



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