Equal Pay in the Workforce

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission icame up with a system for employers to enter pay info in order to put an equal pay policy into effect. 9-2017 is the proposed date that this initiative begin in the event that it is paseed.

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With there being rules in place to protect employees from pay discrimination, they must be enforced: that is where the EEOC comes in to play. The EEOC obtained records in regards to differences in sex, race, and so on. Employers send in an EEO-1 form every year, where this information is recorded.If a privately owned business or a collection of federal contractors has over one hundred employees, it is suggested the the form also have pay info listed on it.

It’s common for unequal pay to not be noticed. Retaliation is common when a worker suggests the the employer that they are being payed in an unfair or discriminatory manner. In order to get rid of pay discrimination, the EEOC and the OFCCP will need to see the data for all different jobs in all different fields of work.

This system could, potentially, elimate discrimination by other employers when they see what their pay practices look like.

Employers will give the aggreate pay information, which will be available verus having it all publicly displayed. The EEOC believes that this information would help employers determine whether or not they are paying employees fairly and consistently with industry and regional practices.

Ultimately, the EEOC wants this plan to encourage those in charge of pay scales to examine their practices, and create a fair pay environment for all. Having pay equality for all will make the customers and those investing happy.

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