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Granite is still very highly sought after even though the price has dropped drastically.

When you’re contemplating a kitchen remodeling plan in Madison WI, you have a lot to ponder. For one, there are dozens of new countertop materials – from concrete to recycled glass. Granite, while once thought of as a luxury material, is now being used in almost every home. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, granite countertops are truly the “new normal.”

Granite is used in all aspects of kitchen design. Ganite’s growing popularity has become more affordable for a reason.

In recent years, granite, which was once pricey and only for the wealthy, is no more afforadable than many other counter materials. With granite prices trending steadily downward, and other unique materials coming into the new home and kitchen remodeling markets, you find granite installed in moderately priced homes and for upgraded kitchen remodels more often than ever before.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling – Upscale Your Home

You may think that since everyone is using granite, it may seem a litle outdated, but it still has the look of luxury. A kitchen design that includes all new granite countertops can provide the visual impact that sets your home apart. As its popularity has grown for kitchen remodeling and new construction, granite has become available in an even wider range of colors and patterns.

Kitchen Remodeling – As Green As They Get

The original “green” counter top is granite. Granite, unlike many other options is alread found in nature, and therefore, does not need to use any energy during manufacturing. Quartz is a great example of a material that is not eco friendly, being held together by potentially harmful substances. Plastic and glue is used to create corian and laminate, which cann hurt the environment.

Consider how using an Earth friendly material will impact your lifestyle. You don’t have to get all caught up in only using green materials.

Kitchen Remodeling – Recycle The Old

Kitchen Remodel

Granite countertops in you kitchen remodel can be almost any color you can imagine.

If you’ve already got granite, but you need to change it out, you can even recycle what you’ve already got. Granite can be reused outside or inside. Expanding the use of your outdoor living space with new granite tabletops, benches or other ornamental uses are quick examples of how granite’s life can be extended. If you can’t find a good option for your used granite in your home, you can get rid of it without fear or damaging the ecosystem. People buy used granite in Madison all the time to finish up their own remodels.

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