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Conventional means of repairing dents includes stretching the metal as far as possible where the paint has been damaged.

Conventional dent repair and paintless dent repair are often times confused.

Commonly, car owners just want the damage fixed. Of course, on the flip side, people also want their car to look perfect without spending a fortune.

It seems easy to just pop a dent out of a car. However, for this option to be used, there are a couple of factors determining whether paintless dent repair is even an option.

1. There cannot be any damage to the paint. If the finish is broken, while the dent can be removed, the broken finish will eventually allow rust.

Two: The metal must be stretch free. There will be too much surface area to fit into the original contours of the panel with the dent. If the metal is pulled out too far the panel would actually have a lump.

The Price You Pay for Conventional Repairs

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To have your car looking good as new with the conventional repair method, it will take someone who is ver knowlegable in that method. Some of the most important steps include –

This method takes much longer than a couple hours

New paint needs to match

The dent needs to be filled in

A final finish will need to be applied once everything has dried

The conventional method is much more expensive. This is why the damage to the paint and impact to the metal are huge factors in the cost of a dent repair.

Avoiding Conventional Dent Repair Expense

Paintless Dent Repair works very well when the conditions allow it to be used. Most importantly, it maintains the vehicle’s original finish. The process requires a technician to:

Certain tools need to be used to reshape the metal and some panel need to be moved around so the dent can be accessed from behind

Technicians will have the necessary tools needed to re-mold the metal

The technicians will also reach the dent from behind some panels

Some panels will likely be shifted in order the the repair person to get to the dent from different angles, and the metal will be sculpted using some special tools

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