How Should You Store Your Holiday Decor?

Madison WI

A great place to keep your decorations is in self-storage; you will have more room in your home and the decor will stay secure.

By putting your decorations in a storage unit, you are keeping them safe for years to come.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out what to do with your decorations; instead, take them directly to a storage facility. Your decorations can be stored correctly in a storage area that has enough shelves and ample space. By puttng your holiday decorations in a storage facility, you are lengthening their total life.

A big problem with people storing their decorations at home is that they don’t have enough space so they get ruined. A Storage in Madison, Sun Prairie and DeForest has a wide variety of self-storage options including climate controlled storage. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced storage option, A is the place to go. And, using self storage is a lot less expensive than costly renovations to add storage.

Madison WI

Your favorite decorations can get damaged or ruined without proper storage.

How to Organize Decorations in Self-Storage

There won’t be any wasted space in your storage area if you have shelves. A shelf system can keep your decorations where they should be. Remember to do these things when preparing your treasured decor for storage.

Put large boxes down first, keep the items you use most in the front, label everything correctly, and always put the fragile decorations on top.

In order to find everything without hassle, keep your unit tidy. Rattling the boxes around may make broken items more likely. With smaller self-storage units, store boxes along each wall to create a handy center path making it easy access what you need.

Store Your Holiday Decor in Self-Storage Units


You can also store household items other then holiday decorations.

If you’re in Sun Prairie or surrounding areas, check out A Storage for all of your decorations. Your garage will finally have enough room for your car!

We have many different storage options at A Storage. We offer storage in many locations such as Dane County, Middleton, Verona, and many others.

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