How to Fix Dents in your Car

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Conventional dent repair requires damaged paint to be repaired and the stretched metal to be pulled as close to original, but still slightly concave.

It is common for people to think the two methods of dent repair are the same.

Commonly, car owners just want the damage fixed. People don’t want to spend an arm and a leg if they can still get quality repairs.

It seems easy to just pop a dent out of a car. But sometimes that method is not an option…look below to see what determines how the dents can be removed.

First – the finish cannot be broken with a scratch, scrape or chip. Rust is a likely outcome when there are chips and scratches on the surface.

Two: The metal must be stretch free. If the metal is stretched, you risk having a lump on the service because the original area will be much bigger than the dent.

The Price You Pay for Conventional Repairs

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It takes a lot of time and experience for someone to get the dents out using the conventioanl method. Some of the most important steps include –

This method takes much longer than a couple hours

New paint needs to match

The dent needs to be filled in

A final finish will need to be applied once everything has dried

The conventional method is much more expensive. This is why the damage to the paint and impact to the metal are huge factors in the cost of a dent repair.

Avoiding Conventional Dent Repair Expense

Your car may be a candidate for the paintless (less expensive) method if certain requirements are met. The finish must be exactly the same as it was prior to the damage. The process requires a technician to:

Remove surrounding panels allowing access to the back of a dent

Use specialized tools to sculpt metal into its original form from behind

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