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Kitchen counters are begging to be covered with granite now that it is more affordable than ever.

When you’re contemplating a kitchen remodeling plan in Madison WI, you have a lot to ponder. With options like tough concrete and recycled glass, picking a counter material is one of the biggest decisions in a remodel. Granite, while once thought of as a luxury material, is now being used in almost every home. It really is standard to use granite in homes now.

Recently, it has become common for people to use granite on several surfaces in the kitchen. It shouldn’t be a surprise that most people can afford granite now.

Up until about a decade ago, granite was an exclusive property only found in new homes in the higher price range and in big ticket kitchen remodeling plans. With granite prices trending steadily downward, and other unique materials coming into the new home and kitchen remodeling markets, you find granite installed in moderately priced homes and for upgraded kitchen remodels more often than ever before.

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Kitchen Remodeling – Upscale Your Home

Even though it is becoming more commonplace, the look and feel of granite is often still unequaled by any other material. Granite in the kitchen can make a home, old or new, look high end, and it can make it stand out from all of the other homes. As its popularity has grown for kitchen remodeling and new construction, granite has become available in an even wider range of colors and patterns.

Kitchen Remodeling – As Green As They Get

If you are always thinking about your environmental footprint, granite is a great option for you. Because granite is quarried and not manufactured, there is no release of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and granite countertops can be reused with no negative environmental impact. Materials like quarts use substances that can harm the environment. Corian and laminates are manufactured with various types of processed materials and plastics using petrochemicals and glues that can also release VOC.

You can increase your quality of living by choosing an eco friendly counter option. Don’t be overcome with the idea of “green” kitchen design or materials.

Kitchen Remodeling – Recycle The Old

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You can get granite in just about any color you want.

If you decide to get a different color or type of granite than you’ve already got, you can just recycle what you have at the moment. Granite is one of the amazing materials that allows for reuse in interior and exterior spaces. Granite can be reused by creating furniture for an outdoor space. And, if you decide to dispose of your granite, there are no issues because it is completely natural with no chemicals to leach out and contaminate ground water. If you don’t have a use for your old granite, and you don’t want to throw it out, consider selling it to a shop for someone else to use in their home.

If your Wisconsin home is in need of a kitchen remodel, and you are in the Deforest, Sun Prairie, Madison, or any other areas nearby, let Sims help you out.

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