How to Have a Goof Remodel

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Compose a list of things you wish to have in your updated home prior to meeting with your Wisconsin contractor.

Even if a contractor hasn’t been chosen to do a remodel, it is usually pretty clear how well a remodel will go based on how much planning they do.

Traits Of A Good Remodeling Customer

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If you don’t want to spend more money than you have already set aside, make sure to answer any questions that there are before beggining a remodeling project.

Below are some things we consider to be “good traits” in customers when looking at a remodel.

The customer does not just go looking for the cheapest contractor. Good customers expect to pay a reasonable price for quality and expertise. They appreciate a professional remodeling contractor and what they offer.

Respect: Respecting that your contracting company has the skills and the experience to get the job done correctly is key. Clarity about the project scope and budget. Being honest and as precise as possible about your budget will save you money and headaches. The professional who you hire, will stay in budget as much as possible as long as it is a realistic budget.

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Your focus and clarity will help the remodel proceed in the most efficient manner.

It really helps a contractor when the customer is able to be flexible and open minded because every now and then, some aspects of the project are to pricey to be able to do. Your ability to manage your own expectations will help your remodel go smoothly.

Helpful and successful customers learn about what to expect during a reno project.Whatever you can do to help the plan play out without changes, the better it is for the contractor, the subs and the project timeline.

In order to stay on schedule, answer any questions your contractor may have quickly. Sometimes you will see one “to do” checked off a little late, while others are checked off a little early-be prepared for that. Be easy going with the project to make it a good experience.

If you don’t understand something, ask questions. A true professional will appreciate your questions and see it as an opportunity help attain the best finished product possible.

Be a team. You and your remodeling contractor must collaborate throughout the process. Since some projects can take a while, it’s important to get along with each other. Everyone should have trust and respect for each other.

If you need an addition on your home or a small remodel in WI, we, at Westring, can help.

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