Roofing Repairs:Replace It or Repair It?

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If done right, roofing repairs can actually be made affordable. Roofing repairs and replacements can both be expensive if you don?t know what you?re doing. Before you contact a roofing contractor there?s some stuff you need to figure out. To figure out if you?ll need a roof replacement, you?re going to need to know the current condition of your roof.


You?ll begin by first taking a look at your roof. Is there any visible damage, torn shingles or leaks? Depending on how extensive the damage is, if any, a partial roof replacement may be all that?s needed. That said, roofing repairs are always going to cost you less than even a partial replacement. However, if the damage is only found on one section of the roof, a partial roofing replacement is often enough. in the end. Before you decide to go one way or the other, request a quote for a partial as well as a full replacement so you can properly weigh your options.

roofing 7Now you?ll have to decide whether you?re going to strip the existing roof or to apply the new layer of roofing on top of it. At any given time, you?re limited to just two layers of roofing on your home. At risk of collapsing under its own weight, more than two layers is against building code. Whatever you do, remember that roofing repairs will always be cheaper, at least in the short term.

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