Safely Store Your Decorations

Storage Units

A great place to keep your decorations is in self-storage; you will have more room in your home and the decor will stay secure.

By putting your decorations in a storage unit, you are keeping them safe for years to come.

Make the decision to take your decorations to a self-storage facility as soon as you take them down. Your decorations can be stored correctly in a storage area that has enough shelves and ample space. All of your decorations will last much longer in their self-storage compartment.

It’s common for homeowners to not have enough space for their decorations. A climate controlled storage area is an option among many others at A Storage. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced storage option, A is the place to go. It costs less to use self-storage than adding a storage space to your home.

Storage Units

If your belongings aren’t stored correctly, they can be ruined.

Keeping Your Belongings Organized

With shelves available, you can easily keep everything you have organized in your self-storage unit. There are certain tasks that you must accomplish when it’s time to store your items:

Put large boxes down first, keep the items you use most in the front, label everything correctly, and always put the fragile decorations on top.

It’s important to keep your area clean and neat. Your holiday decorations are less likely to break if the boxes aren’t moved around as much. If you have a unit on the smaller side, keep boxes lined up against the wall to create a walkway.

Holiday Decoration Self-Storage

Storage Facilities

You can also store household items other then holiday decorations.

Your home will have much more functional space when you is A Storage for all of your storage needs. Your garage will finally have enough room for your car!

We have many different storage options at A Storage. We are available for storage in areas including Fitchburg, Monona, Cottage Grove, and many more.

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