To Where Keep Your Furry Friend While You are Away

Thinking about putting your dog into daycare? Wondering what you should look for when choosing the right daycare for your beloved pooch? Here are a few things to consider:

How Did You Feel Upon First Arriving?

While there should be a clear and clean administrative area, it is essential that the area that your pooch would be in is clean, and has good air flow. There are some standards that must be met in the yard such as a fresh water supply, no feces in the play area, and some shade so they can cool off when it gets hot. Can you check out the center? There are a couple ways this topic can be handled. When cleaniness and safety are very important, you definitely want to check out every part of the doggy daycare. The facility may have designated visiting times, or they may only give tours by appointment. Just as one dog can get extremely excited when one person shows up, it can get very stressful for several pups to be surprised with an unexpected visitor. Definitely give the center a call before showing up for a tour.

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Play Time and Down Time

Dogs might become over-tired or over-stimulated if not allowed to rest for brief periods during a full day of playing with their buddies. Does the facility have areas specifically for your dog to rest in? Is there a certain time for the pooches to relax? Your dog needs to rest even if they’re having loads of fun because, just like a cranky little tot, they need time to calm down after a long day of play.


You want whoever is watching your pup to care for your dog just like you do. They need to be trained and loving in order to perform their job correctly. The way the staff members play with the dogs while you are there, and the way the dogs act around the staff members are both wonderful ways to tell if they will treat your pup right.If they are happy to see the staff, he’s probably getting the attention and affection he needs during the day.Staff needs to be able to find the minor issues that can turn into larger issues if they are not resolved quickly. Recongnizing stressful situations or an over tired dog is one of the top priorities for a good doggy daycare worker.

Will your pups have consistent supervision while they are playing, and are you comfortable with that?


There are different ways to seperate play groups. If you are not satisfied with the way the playgroups are handled, ask if they would be willing to make changes to their policy.


All doggy daycares should have a set of standards that a dog must meet in order to stay at the facility. A lot of times these things include certain vaccinations or tempermants, as well as past health issues. In order for your dog to have a safe and happy experience at their daycare, expect the screening process.

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