What You Will Find Out When You Begin Everyday Carry

There is a lot that can be learned when you carry a gun everyday.

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Thinking about what I’ve experienced in the past, I realize that I’ve learned a lot.. Take a look below.

The typical person really doesn’t have a clue.

I actaully sincerely mean that. You’re convinced, at first, that everyone can see the gun that you’re carrying. You learn, after a while, that people are mostly focused on their priorities.

2. People who are usually very against guns can change their minds in a split second.

3. A quality belt is so important.

By having a good belt, you are preventing your gun flopping around too much. If you’re having trouble with a holster, make sure you’ve got a proper belt underneath.

4. The importance of a great holster

There are a few things that a quality holster should do

It will keep your gun in a secure position. The value of having your gun in a secure position is that you will know exactly where it is when you need to grab it.

It protects the trigger. By necessity, you may have to find and grip your gun quickly while under stress. Until you are holding your gun safely, the holster will keep your trigger protected.

Your firearm is protected because you are in charge Make sure you invest in a holster that will keep your gun secure through your range of daily activity whether that includes getting in and out of cars, working outside or any other sort of physical activity.

5. Be careful when you bend over

Several options for carrying pose the threat of accidental printing. Typical belt style holsters can press the gun’s grip against you if you are leaning forward too far. You learn pretty fast that the best way to avoid this is to change the way you grab things.

6. The number of people who also conceal carry

You will find yourself trying to spot other carriers. Whatever tips you off that someone is carrying a firearm, DON’T do what they’re doing.

7. Guns are heavy.

A loaded gun with some extra amo really adds up in weight.

8. Heroism is overrated.

Even after justifiable self-defense shootings, ambitious prosecutors or family members of the perpetrator can take your life savings-and freedom-in the post-event courtroom.

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9. It’s hard to beat a traditional belt holster.

No matter what kind of holster you prefer, a belt carry is the most secure. Is there a more comfy way to carry? Sure. Would there be easier ways? Absolutely. Although there are some downsides to carrying like this, you will be very happy you did should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation.

10. You don’t know anything.

You’ll realize that you have so much to learn no matter how long you carry. Just because you own a gun doesn’t mean that you’ll never be ambushed. Your goal should be to learn something each day so that when it comes to a life or death situation, you can be ready.

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