Where to Keep Your Furry Friend While You are Away

Have you been searching for an good fun boarding option for your dog? Wondering what you should look for when choosing the right daycare for your beloved pooch? Here are a few things to consider:

First Impressions

While there should be a clear and clean administrative area, it is essential that the area that your pooch would be in is clean, and has good air flow. The yard should be clean, and free of feces. Fresh water in clean containers should be provided in play areas. If the dogs are going to be playing outdoors, there should be access to shade. Are you allowed to tour the premises? Different people have different answers for this question. When cleaniness and safety are very important, you definitely want to check out every part of the doggy daycare. In order to keep all of the four-legged guests calm, it may be necessary to make an appointment to tour the daycare. Imagine how excited your dog gets when a visitor comes to your door. Now, imagine a dozen or more dogs getting excited every time someone comes to tour the facility where they are playing. Definitely give the center a call before showing up for a tour.

Dog Boarding

Stimulation and Calm Time

Dogs might become over-tired or over-stimulated if not allowed to rest for brief periods during a full day of playing with their buddies. Does the facility have areas specifically for your dog to rest in? Is there a certain time for the pooches to relax? Just like kids, dogs can become a little cranky when they are tired, even if they are having the best day ever!Your dog could be having tons of fun, but they still need time to wind down.


The workers in the doggy care should love dogs and care about yours as if they were their own. In order to decide whether the staff will take care of your dog cprrectly, watch how the dogs act around them.Upon arrival, if the dog seems happy to see the employee, they are probably doing their job correctly.Because the environment can get stressful when altercations occur, it’s necessary to employees to understand how to extinguish those problems quickly. Staff should be able to see when a dog needs rest or when it is about to get stressful.

Is there enough staff on hand to give constant supervision to the dogs while they are playing? You want to be sure that you are comfortable with the dog-to-supervisor ratio.


Playgroups can be determined in a number of ways. It is important that you are happy with the way play groups are run. It is also important to know that you can voice your concern if you are not content with how staff memebers conduct the play groups.


Screening is important for all boarding facilities: they may be as simple as asking for a vaccination record, but they need some sort of process. In order for your dog to have a safe and happy experience at their daycare, expect the screening process.

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