Which Doggy Daycare is the Best Fit for You and Your Pup?

Are you considering a boarding kennel for your pup? Below is a small list of things to consider when trying to find the best place for your furry friend to stay while you are away.

Initial Feelings

While there should be a clear and clean administrative area, it is essential that the area that your pooch would be in is clean, and has good air flow. The yard designated for puppy play should have fresh water and provide some shade. There also should be little to no amount of waste in the yard. Are you allowed to tour the premises? There are two schools of thought on this issue. Of course you want to inspect the fence line and facility for safety and cleanliness. Tours may be allowed only at certain times. Some facilities only allow tours by appointment either before or after daycare hours to keep the stress level down for the dogs. Just as one dog can get extremely excited when one person shows up, it can get very stressful for several pups to be surprised with an unexpected visitor. Any doggy daycare center would be happy to set up a time for any potential customers to tour. This will keep the stress level down for all parties involved.

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Stimulation and Calm Time

Pups need time to take it easy when they have had a lot of play time. Will your dog have a good space to relax in the potential facility? Is there a certain time for the pooches to relax? Just like kids, dogs can become a little cranky when they are tired, even if they are having the best day ever!Your dog could be having tons of fun, but they still need time to wind down.


A good boarding facility offers a staff who is well trained in taking care of canines and who loves dogs. In order to decide whether the staff will take care of your dog cprrectly, watch how the dogs act around them.A happy pup is the best indication of a good daycare worker.Because the environment can get stressful when altercations occur, it’s necessary to employees to understand how to extinguish those problems quickly. You want to know that the staff can handle these situations, as well as recognize when a dog is over-tired and needing a break, or if he is sick or hurt.

Does the potential center offer a dog to staff ratio that you are comfortable with? Will your dog be provided with enough supervision during playtime?


The variations for creating doggy play groups are endless. If you are not satisfied with the way the playgroups are handled, ask if they would be willing to make changes to their policy.


It is very common for these establishments to have a vetting process. A normal screening would include vet records and a word on the dog’s temperment. It is something you should expect when signing your dog up because it can give you a piece of mind knowing that your pup will be safe around other dogs who have been screened.

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