Who Can Detail a Car Best?

Detailing your car is an easy concept to understand. Though, it can be a challenge for you to get the same results as the professionals.

If you want your car detail to be amazing, you should have professionals take care of it. A professional detailer has the set of skills, combined with the equipment and knowledge, to adequately detail a car. Below are just a few reasons you should choose a detail professional –

Professionals know how to make your car look new.

Having the right equipment, and knowing how to use it, is a really important benefit that the professionals have.

A lot of things can be accomplished without the professionals…detailing is not one of them. Since most people don’t have all of the detailing equipment, professionals are able to do a better job.

The professionals know what they’re doing.


The experts use the best tools and skills to take care of any tricky areas and all of the different finishes. They have done the repair you need 100’s if not 1,000’s of times and are therefore very skillful. How many times will it take you to get it right?

Inexperience can cost a great deal – Poor car detailing can create a bigger problem:

Even though you might think you’ve got this…it’s typically more difficult than most people think. Using a different polish or solvent than you’re supposed to, you could end up paying big time to fix the mistake.Each car’s finish requires different solvents and polishes. When you take on the responsibility to detail it, it’s up to you to figure out which ones to use. Believe it or not, it usually costs more money to have your mistakes fixed than it would have to have it detailed professionally. If you’re looking for a stress free and time saving car detail, just hire a pro. At Auto Color, depending on the vehicle, our experienced crew will spend from 4 to 6 hours in an average car detailing project. You’ll normally get better results in a fraction of the time when using a professional.

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