Your Getting Money’s Worth in Your Bathroom Remodel

Waukesha WI

Bathroom remodels don’t always return all of your investment when you sell your home.

It’s a good idea to think about what kind of money you will be able to recover when planning a bathroom remodel. After all, homes are often the largest asset many of us own.

The value of most bathroom remodeling projects have both subjective and objective measures.

The Truths of Remodeling a Bathroom

Your home’s worth can be raised by a bathroom remodel. But, it usually costs more to renovate than you will be back when you sell.

Bathroom Remodel

The value of your remodel should be determinded by how much you enjoy it.

A national study – the Cost vs. Value Report – published by Hanley Wood, LLC shows the return on investment of over thirty different home improvement projects. The report includes the return on an average and an upscale bathroom remodel.

Since the housing market changes daily, so will the worth of your remodel. There’s no promise that you will have any recoup of what you invested at all. An above average renovation would give back about 59 percent of the invested money, as shown in the report.

Here’s what we say: when deciding whether to remodel or not, choose the things that are necessary. The alterations that you make should make living in your home easier and more pleasant. The value is in how much you enjoy it since you won’t recover all of your investment.

What are some things that add value to the remodel in your mind?


What do you need? What do you desire most?The following issues are primary motivators for most bathroom remodel projects –

If you don’t want to move, but you’ve developed a new set of needs

You want to have more functionality in your home

You want new fixtures or a new floor plan

Other hold value in some of the things that you do when it come to a remodel.

Think about the inmprovements you can make to your home as you think about a bathroom remodel. A bathroom remodel should provide immediate enjoyment. Whatever you invest will pay immediate dividends and when you do sell your home, there is a great chance whomever purchases it will value the upgrades and changes.

We have a checklist just for you at Schoenwalder Plumbing. We looking forward to creating a list of design ideas to help your remodel fit your needs.

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